Dear clients and friends,
As most of you know, I am starting a new chapter in my life: I am on my path to becoming a nurse. My goal is to continue my work as a hairstylist in the future, but I will need to limit the amount of time I spend in the salon in order to finish school and move forward with nursing. I understand that this limitation may not work for everyone's needs and that you may need to look for alternative options. I would gladly help you find a new stylist or someone you can go to when I can't accommodate, so don't hesitate to talk to me about that. Luckily, the winter semester wouldn't require to change my salon schedule too much and I already changed it in my books. I will be contacting all of you that were pre-booked for times that are no longer available because of my schedule change.
I would also like to mention that because of my schedule limitations and my family responsibility, I wouldn't be able to accommodate outside of normal hours requests anymore. I will continue to do everything I can to help and I will keep a cancelation list, but I wouldn't be able to come in on my days off as much as I have done it in the past.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!
My schedule, starting in January 2022 is:
Monday: 11am to 5pmWednesday: noon to 6pmSaturday: 9am to 5pm